WOOKY in Mutek [ES]

Barcelona edition of MUTEK [ES] taking place March 5-8, 2014, has announced a huge bunch of local names added to its program including our own WOOKY who will be presenting his last album "Montjuïc" (sp26cd) alongside Videocratz on the visual front in the headquater of the festival, Convent de Sant Agustí in Born neighborhood. The date is wednesday march 5th and the entrance is free. Scattered throughout the festival week, Spanish artists are a notable focus of the festival’s Play series including other great names such as Cardopusher & Neheun, We Like Turtles, Headbirds, Nev_Era or Microfeel. Between the international names of the festival it's good to point the very well known Nils Frahm playing in Tivoli theater or Kode 9 and Andy Stott in Sala Apolo. A date not to be missed!
|"Montjuïc" | Mutek [ES]

WOOKY presents "Montjuïc" live

WOOKY will be presenting live "Montjuïc", his debut album on spa.RK, with visuals by Videocratz, a member of the Telenoika collective with whom Albert has been working for several years. A gig therefore, of four hands and two cerebral minds giving meaning to the conceptual union of "audio" and "visual". The date is on January 18th and the entrance is free. The venue is the Telenoika headquarter on C/Sant Pau 58. You could also get the CD to a very nice price.
| Teaser "Montjuïc" | "Montjuïc" | Telenoika

bRUNA dj at BeCool

A new chance to vibrate with a bRUNA DJ session, this time at Sala BeCool in a new event by Festival'Era, entitled Era de Clubs, joininig in the same night live acts and dj sessions. The other names of the night are Egon Soda, Lasers - the very funky project releasing on Irregular Records - and Pau Roca, the resident DJ at BeCool. A great night indeed! Saturday January 25th.
| Era Club

WOOKY "Montjuïc" teaser

For some time Albert Salinas aka WOOKY has been making a name for himself on the national scene, building expectations with his forthcoming album for spa.RK, which will follow the celebrated EP "The Ark", his only official release to date. The album is ready to be released on January 20th but here you can check a teaser of his forthcoming sounds, based on the visuals by Videocratz, a member of Telenoika collective with whom Albert has been working in his last gigs. A taste of all the tracks of the album in the form of a fake clip for each track. Check!
| Teaser "Montjuïc" | "Montjuïc"

bRUNA "Thence" in best of the year lists

"Thence" by bRUNA is an endless source of joy and pleasure and it makes us very happy to announce its presence in a lot of Best of The Year Spanish lists: top 1 in DJ Mag, Blisstopic and Oci Mag, top 2 in Go Mag and Playground Mag, top 3 in Fantastic Plastic Mag and Mondo Sonoro, top 4 in Rock de Lux, top 12 in Hipersonica and top 20 in Notodo. It's been a good year! Thanks for all the support.

Eufònic Urbà

Eufònic goes to the city for a urban version of the festival. Eufònic Urbà, directed by Vicent Fibla, curated by spa.RK and hosted by Arts Santa Mònica, explores the relation between visual arts and electronic sounds and presents some of the works from the artistic residencies held on the summer in Terres de l'Ebre. Concerts, performances, technology, visuals, experimental music with ARBOL & Alba G. Corral, Angel Molina, Ensemble Topogràfic, Joan Martí-Frasquier & Blow Factory, Edith Alonso and Antony Maubert, Edu Comelles and his project Cello + Laptop, Joan Bagés and Martí Ruids and his successful Orquestra Ramadera Estocàstica. Free entrance. December 12, 13 and 14.
Eufònic Urbà

Eufònic 2013

New edition of Eufònic directed by FIBLA and curated by spa.RK will be held between 4th and 8th of Setembre in Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Lo Pati in Amposta and several natural spaces of Delta de l'Ebre. Artistic residencies, workshops, talks, instalations, performance but also a lot of great gigs. We'll be having WOOKY with his audivisuals show with his kickside Videocratz, presenting some of the tracks of his fortcoming album on spa.RK, due to be released on autumn 2013. Othe names in the festival include dreampop new fav Desert, the dub project by Pope from BRADIEN, STA, Music Komite from our friends Discontinurecords or almighty DJ2D2 A/V show. Come check if you are around and paella is on us!

WOOKY live at Nit Sonora Lleida

This new edition of Nit Sonora, in Lleida, will have also this year a spa.RK artist in its line-up: WOOKY will be playing in the new venue in the theatre of L'Escorxador on september 7th. The other names of the night will be kraut band Svper and the powerfull Sistema - fav of the electronic producers of the country. Free admitance for a very cool date.
Wooky | Nit Sonora

spa.RK at Sónar 2013

Best week of the year! Best festival ever! This is the week of Sónar 2013, celebrating its 20 anniversary in Barcelona. spa.RK will be present once again in the festival with some of our artists and although we know that there are one thousand other things to see, all absolutely stimulating, we encourage you to find time for the first live presentation of bRUNA's "Thence" album, the perfect junction between spoken word and electronics in the exciting joint venture of BRADIEN + ESCOFFET, the audiovisual show especially created for Sónar 2013 of WOOKY with visuals by Videocratz - anticipating his debut album on spa.RK to be released after the summer - and the debut of TGES, where our beloved LUAP is 50% of the project and that will be opening Sónar 2013 at SónarVillage on Thursday 13 June at noon. See you all there! Welcome back again to Barcelona!
Wooky | bRUNA | Bradien + Eduard Escoffet | Sónar

HÍBRIDA, NEN I CAVALL present "Permafrost"

New name on spa.RK: the band HÍBRIDA, NEN I CAVALL present their debut on the label, "Permafrost", the 25th release of spa.RK. A misterious three man band that are delivering on spa.RK a highly emotional and ambiguous album. Glooomy shoegaze, bizarre electronica, space-gaze, indie ambient, drone and much more in this project emerging from Barcelona underground scene. Listen to it now and check the long interview in Playground Mag. Ready to order through Bandcamp, on our website and digitally in main platforms.
HNiC | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Playground Mag

New name on spa.RK: HÍBRIDA, NEN I CAVALL

New and fantastic addition to spa.RK catalogue: misterious Barcelona-based band HÍBRIDA, NEN I CAVALL (not that the name makes a lot of sense, don't panic) are a creative cell formed by Martí Ruids, sound artist and inventor of impossible instruments; Marc, the man behind electronica project Koulomek and visual collective Telenokia; and his brother Aleix, filmmaker, director of videoclips for Prefuse73 and Deerhoof and sui generis singer in HNiC. Shoe-gaze, bizarre electronica, indie ambient, drone and much more in this project emerging from Barcelona underground scene. At spa.RK we falled in love with their latest work, "Pedralbes EP", released through their own netlabel - the much admired but not well known Hamster Loco imprint- and we have already had the chance to listen to the forthcoming album they are delivering on spa.RK, highly emotional and ambiguous "Permafrost". First stroke by Híbrida, Nen i Cavall will be their gig at Caudorella, on march. More info soon!
| HNiC live | Caudorella

WOOKY at Sónar 2013 TMB

WOOKY opens officially Sónar 2013, with the first gig of the festival. He'll be playing at the subway, in Plaça Catalunya station. A free gig for all passengers and all the people who want to go underground! It's lovely to see his name beside those two bearded pompom girls…
Wooky | Sónar

bRUNA new album"Thence"

Second album by bRUNA is out! Entitled "Thence"(sp24cd/lp), it brings the same old bRUNA but different: behind his tunes we find the same impassioned artist that we discovered five years ago, but here, in a kaleidoscopic leap between decades, "Thence" is a treatise that explores the vitality and intensity of an era, where Carles lets loose his craft, his unique ability to lift us with his huge trademark melodies, intense like there’s no tomorrow. "Thence" is going to be released on vinyl and CD, and it comes with a deluxe cover designed by almighty Barcelona studio Vasava. Run and grab you a copy! Also available on digital at iTunes, Amazon, Zero-Inch or Juno, and on nice record stores such as Norman Records and n5md mailorder.
bRUNA | Teaser video | Order | Soundcloud "Thence"

bRUNA "Smell Memory" by Actop

Astonishing "Thence" album by bRUNA begins to unfold with this videoclip of "Smell memory" track. The music video was shot in Delta de l'Ebre and has been directed by Actop, the Barcelona creative cell formed by post-production wizard Alvaro P. Posadas and director César Pesquera. It took a while and a lot of effort from a lot of people, but we couldn't be prouder.
bRUNA | "Smell Memory" clip | Order

bRUNA "Thence" teaser video

A small preview, a sneak peek of forthcoming bRUNA's album "Thence". Just a glimpse to his new sounds on a teaser video produced by Todojunto. Album is due to be released on January 17th on CD digipack and vinyl limited edition with a deluxe cover designed by Vasava. More details soon. Pre-order is now open.
| Thence teaser video | Pre-order


Busy days for BRADIEN + ESCOFFET that will be playing in a reduced format (sampler, ipod, casio, trumpet, microphone and nothing else) with new versions of their album "Pols" in the bookstore of CCCB in their program #dempeus. Free admitance, thursday May 16th. One day later they'll be playing in Microfest, minifestival devoted to vocal, spoken word, poetry and music in Huesca (Espacio de Arte Joven) alongside artists such Miriam Reyes or Ariel Prat. .TAPE. also will be playing in the roman terms in Xixón in the night of the museum. A powerful venue to present a new instalation with almighty graphic artist Fernando Gutiérrez. Not to be missed!
Bradien + Escoffet
| .tape.

Independent Record Store Day in Barcelona

Indie Record Store Day (DTD, Dia de les Tendes de Discos) in Barcelona on 20 April will see all the labels and record stores of the city in a joint venture offering gigs, djs, discounts on the sales and special releases. spa.RK will be at Discos Paradisos presenting our new release, "Permafrost" by HÍBRIDA, NEN I CAVALL and 1/3 of the band djing alongside FIBLA DJ (who will be doing a special 1994 only vinyl set). Discontinu Records and Galleta are our partners of the evening. Check the amazing program in he website of the event with acts in Luchador, Subwax, Disco 100, Apolo Store, Ultra-Local Records, BCore and Juando.
Dia de les Tendes de Discos

.TAPE. live at LEV 2013, Asturias

L.E.V. (Laboratory of Visual Electronica) arrives to its seventh edition in Laboral City of Culture in Gijon, Asturias, and other venues of the city, including a church and a botanical garden. A date in the springtime (May 3 and 4) in north of Spain that stands out with the quality of the line-up, the careful attention to the intertwine of visuals and music and a enthusiastic audience. New additions to the program will bring names such as Jon Hopkis, Clark, Raime, Pole, Andy Stott, Tim Hecker and our beloved .TAPE., back to the festival where he played a few years ago. A great chance to check his new sounds that sooner or later will be released as a new album on spa.RK! And we are really impatient...

WOOKY live at Festival Hoteler 2013, Vic

Very mental line-up for Festival Hoteler, in Vic (Barcelona). Spring Break 2013 is the motto for this new edition that combines without prejudice and with a very good aim to have fun electronica with rock, indie pop and folk. Visiting their website is quite an experience! Anyway, WOOKY will be playing in the nice venue Jazz Cava advancing some of his new tracks to be part of his forthcoming album on spa.RK. It's almost there!
| Festival Hoteler

HÍBRIDA, NEN I CAVALL live at Caudorella 2013, Barcelona

New edition of Caudorella, Barcelona electronica showcase of labels, artists, visual artits, media and technology. Lives, dj sessions, record fair, presentations, lectures and workshops in different venues of the city. spa.RK will be represented by our new signing name, HÍBRIDA,NEN I CAVALL, that will be presenting their forthcoming album "Permafrost" on March 22nd at Convent de Sant Agustí. Between the more than 70 artists presents at the festival, Humo, Undo, Balago, F600, Clip! or Stendhal Syndrome. Almost or the events are free entrance. So hope to see you there enjoying the best electronics in town!
Híbrida, Nen i Cavall
| Caudorella


A new chance to see BRADIEN + EDUARD ESCOFFET presenting "Pols". They will be on January 19th, in Espai Jove Boca Nord, playing in a night devoted to poetry and music, that also includes Catalan poet totem Enric Casasses playing with rock band Tribulet.
Boca Nord | Pols | Bradien + Eduard Escoffet

bRUNA on the cover of a magazine

spa.RK artist bRUNA is on the cover of Spanish Gomag magazine, december issue, including an extense interview where bRUNA presents his forthcoming, most anticipated "Thence" album, due to be released on spa.RK on January 17th, 2013. bRUNA's second album lands three years after "And it matters to me to see you smiling" (sp17cd/lp), the very acclaimed debut of Carles Guajardo. Being busy remixing other artists (such as Ursula, Sistema or Wooky), composing -alongside David Cordero- "Seis puntos sobre Emma" movie soundtrack and curating Mira! festival in Barcelona, after these three years we get bRUNA at his best: get ready for more news from him on new year. Great news ahead!
| Go-Mag


"Pols" is the first collaboration of Barcelona band BRADIEN and the poet EDUARD ESCOFFET, a work of spoken word and electronica, where the poetry plays with exotica, minimalist pop à la Japanese in flirtations with dub atmospheres, Mediterranean vibes and timeless soundtrackism. A dialog full of musical and textual shades that grows with delicacy. ESCOFFET's poetry (except "Poema idealista" by Philip Boso) and BRADIEN's music, with their usual exploration of delicate electronics that unfolds as an origami, with thousands of influences, loops and samples.
Pols | Bradien + Eduard Escoffet

BRADIEN + ESCOFFET present live "Pols" | Barcelona + Madrid

BRADIEN + EDUARD ESCOFFET will be presenting live in Barcelona and Madrid. In Barcelona they will be playing "Pols" in the Auditorium of Fundació Miró, the museum at Montjuïc devoted to Joan Miró, on November 8th. Ticket is 8€ or 15€ including CD. In Madrid, they will be playing in Yuxtaposiciones, a festival of polipoetry in Casa Encendida on November 16th. More dates to come!
Bradien + Escoffet
| Fundació Miró | Yuxtaposiciones

EEDL & WOOKY @ Mira! Fest

Second edition of Mira! Fest in Barcelona will prove that it is not only a growing festival but also a tasteful and major one. With names such as Lone and Actress in the line-up, the festival will be held on November 10th in magnificient Fabra i Coats venue, expanding to its second floor and other corners of the old textile factory recently renewed, with workshops, visuals and music, installations and a special stage to enhace the visual work of all the artists involved. spa.RK artists EEDL and WOOKY will be part of the line-up. After a long hiatus we are really excited to see EEDL back on the stage, with visual artist Alba G. Corral, in a very special set with new tracks from the Barcelona duo. WOOKY also will be presenting tracks from his forthcoming album on spa.RK. Other artists in the festival are Ametsub, Crisopa, Floex, Lucrecia Dalt, Ragul, Headbirds, Sistema and Julien Mier.
Mira! | Eedl | Wooky

bRUNA, EEDL & WOOKY exclusive tracks @ Lapsus vinyl

On the occasion of Mira! Fest, Lapsus Records - the label run by Wooky - will be releasing a limited vinyl with exclusive tracks by some spa.RK artists: bRUNA, EEDL and WOOKY will be part of this nice album alongside Kettel, Floex, Julien Mier, Pina and Gros. Only available at the festival, so if you're planning to attend the event, don't forget to get. If you are not planning to go, we think it's a good reason to thing about doing it…
Lapsus Records

ARBOL + Julia Kent @ LEM 2012

ARBOL will be playing on Saturday 20th October at LEM festival, celebrating this year its 17th edition. The meeting between Julia Kent and Arbol is like the very nature of LEM: exploratory, daring and not at all chance. She is consolidated as an extremely personalized creator with her own musical metabolism far from the footprints of Antony and the Johnsons. He is one of the most rhizomatic and clairvoyant exponent of contemporary electronica. Julia Kent's weightless and meditative cello and the atmospheric and oniric electronica of ARBOL are two stages of the same musical voyage that finds and recognizes itself: the epiphany of a latent symbiosis.
LEM | Arbol

WOOKY @ Pequeño Formato RedBull & Go Mag

October brought WOOKY to Red Bull Music Studio in Madrid, the fantastic facilities that Red Bull has in Matadero. He was invited there for a residency of a week and during that time he added last details to the forthcoming album on spa.RK, to be released on 2013. He also had the chance to play in the auditorium of Matadero in a joint venture between Go Mag and Red Bull called Pequeño Formato, that he was opening and that will receive other new artists in next months.
Pequeño Formato | Wooky

BRADIEN + ESCOFFET @ Indisciplines

BRADIEN + EDUARD ESCOFFET will be part of Indisciplines, the program that marks the beginnig of new season of the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. A meeting of artists from differents fields and a crossing of disciplines, a continuous dialogue between music, poetry, circus, visual arts… The performances are divided in routes and have different schedules on 28, 29 and 30 September. BRADIEN + EDUARD ESCOFFET will be playing in the C route with Cesc Gelabert -a well know coreograph- with Isaki Lacuesta - the film director.
Indisciplines | Bradien + Eduard Escoffet

ARBOL live @ Fabra i Coats

Autumn comes to Barcelona and we'll see the opening of a new arts center, the amazing Fabra i Coats, a factory for creative arts, and old textile factory with an amazing architecure from the beginning of XIX century. A festival with free entrance will occupy the 4.500 metres and four floors of the building with concerts, performances, experimental music, DJs and VJs, spoken word, installations, exhibitions and even gastronomy. Bibbe Hansen, artist of the Fluxus artist Al Hansen and the actress Audrey Hansen, and mother of Beck, will be the guest artist of the event. ARBOL will be playing live with all his band in the main stage on ground floor. A really special occasion to enjoy the open doors of a space that is going to be capital between the art centers of Barcelona.
Fabra i Coats | Arbol


Eufònic is a new mini-festival curated by FIBLA that between the 7th and 11th of September will celebrate its first edition in Lo Pati - Centre d'Art de les Terres de l'Ebre and several natural spaces of Delta de l'Ebre (yes, this is in fact the delta of Ebre river). A festival of new sounds and visuals with music, but also workshops, artistic residences, installations and talks. In this first edition, Neil Harbisson - the first cyborg recognized by any goverment - will be living for a week in a natural enviroment to create a piece specially for Eufònic. In the music department, ARBOL will be playing with the much respected visual artist Alba G. Corral. Other great names in the line-up are the growing name Hibrida, Nen i Cavall, drone-post-rock Balago, Guillamino or Raül Fuentes. Djs such as Marto, K.O.'s and cult electronica dj Ángel Molina will be also playing in the festival. Also two great workshops: one for kids conducted by .TAPE. and the other by Edu Comelles and Jaume Muntsant. All activities are free! So see you all in Delta de l'Ebre!
Eufònic 2012

bRUNA dj @ Nit Sonora, Seu Vella, Lleida

Nit Sonora is an event that takes place in Lleida, in nice Seu Vella venue, merging visuals, music, technology and electronica. In this new edition - on September 1st, and with free entrance - they'll host live acts such as Microfeel and much respected Barcelona band Stendhal Syndrome and closing the night our very bRUNA as a dj.
Nits sonora 2012 | bRUNA

ARBOL "She Read The Wrong Book"

ARBOL, the Barcelona-based musician from Seville, needs almost no introduction. From his past career with seminal Sr. Chinarro band and his militancy in English combo Piano Magic, he moved on to movie soundtracks, sound installations, collaborations with dance companies and four-hand work with Fibla on "Bu san" album, co-released by spa.RK and Emilii a couple of years ago. It was just one step from there to publishing his new album on spa.RK. His new project "She Read The Wrong Book" is going to be released in spa.RK early 2012 and it was made with the contribution of several singers and the faithful collaboration of Sara Fontán on the violin and Bjort Runarsdöttir on the violoncello. Out on January 17th. Stay tunned, but meanwhile check the preview video or listen the album streaming at bandcamp.
Arbol teaser video | bandcamp | release

BRADIEN + EDUARD ESCOFFET live @ Mugada 2012

In this nice and small town, Sant Llorenç de Muga, a great poetry and music festival that give us a new chance to check the new live of BRADIEN + EDUARD ESCOFFET. They will be playing their forthcoming record ("Pols", due to be released after the summer) in a festival that also include huge ames of Catalan poetry -such as Enric Casasses and Carles Hac Mor- and othe musical acts well rooted in poetry. Free admitance. Date is August 6th. Mugada | Bradien + Eduard Escoffet

bRUNA & WOOKY djs @ Palmfest 2012, L'Hospitalet de l'infant

Palmfest 2012 will be having in the line-up of artists both WOOKY and bRUNA as djs. This festival is held in the coast of Tarragona, in the small town of L'Hospitalet de l'infant, near the beach over three days from July 26th and with great names indie-oriented such as The Wedding Present, Klaus & Kinski, Pegasvs or The Suicide of Western Culture. For the nights, djs such as Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk). Wooky and bRUNA will be playing on the night of friday 27 July. Beach and music, what else?
PalmFest 2012 | Wooky | bRUNA

ARBOL live @ Sónar 2012

It's great to announce that ARBOL will be playing at Sónar 2012! This has been announced etweeen the more of 30 last names in the line-up of the Barcelona festival. ARBOL will be playing with a whole band - violin, cello, drums, guitar, vocalist - in Capella venue, day to be announced. This is what Sonar web says about him: "Electroacoustic fragility -The presentation in Barcelona of the new album by Arbol. In this concert, the highly acclaimed project by Miguel Marin uses a band format (electric guitar, keyboard, violin, cello, drums, percussion and electronics) to reveal the secrets of "She Read the Wrong Book", a work that is as meticulous as its predecessors but which has a more restless and cinematic spirit. Lovers of fragile atmospheres, lonely pianos and acoustic textures combined with digital arrangements have an unmissable date with Arbol."
Sónar 2012| Arbol

BRADIEN + ESCOFFET live @ Reina Sofía + Antic Teatre

Espacio Acústico #3 is the third event organized in Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid as afterwork gigs in the amazing café designed by Jean Nouvel in the new building of the museum. BRADIEN will be playing there on June 20th and it will be their first gig after the recording sessions for the new album, to appear after the summer. BRADIEN's new album is a collaboration with Barcelona poet Eduard Escoffet, a very exciting and different project at spa.RK, midway poetry, electronics, spoken word and that special touch Bradien give to all their stuff. They also will be playing two dates in Antic Teatre in Barcelona, June 27th & 28th.
Reina Sofía | Bradien

First ARBOL reviews

New ARBOL album "She Read The Wrong Book" (sp22cd) is out on January 17th, but you can catch up some very nice reviews in Go Mag and Clubbing Spain, and also a long interview in Butxaca. Vidal Romero in Go Mag points out the "ARBOL's new album is his best album so far" and David Puente in Clubbing Spain gives to the album a 8/10 score and writes about the daring step that ARBOL has taken with this new and full of risks album. In Playground mag, Javier Blánquez states that ARBOL has mastered his art and the new album it's worths it the long wait.
Go Mag | Clubbing Spain | Butxaca
| Playground

BRADIEN djs @ Visit Up, Pulitzer Hotel

BRADIEN djs - that is Pope and Matías - will be djing at the roof of Pulitzer Hotel in the center of Barcelona on thursday 5 July from 23:30 till late at night. Summer program of the hotel, Visit Up, includes acoustic lives and DJ sessions in a cozy and nice terrace on the roof of the hotel, with a nice view of Barcelona downtown, fresh beer and cocktails and a gret breeze - hopefully!-. Free admitance. Check the rest of the program: a nice spot for summer nights in town!
Visit Up | Bradien

.TAPE. @ CinemaScore, Benicàssim

CinemaScore is a series of concerts combining music and cinema. From 1st to 3rd of June in the Teatro Municipal of Benicassim the seventh sample of CinemaScore, with .TAPE. playing live his alternative score for the movie "Miracolo a Milano" by Vitorio de Sica, a very significant film from Italian Neorrealismo. Other names involved in the series of concerts are Santiago Latorre playing with the Tsai Ming-liang film "The Wayward Cloud" (Taiwan, 2005) and the international acts Hertta Lussun Ässä trio and Sofa Surfers. .TAPE. will be playing on Sunday 3rd June at 19:30 in Teatro Municipal.
CinemaScore | .tape.

ARBOL live LEV 2012

LEV is a festival that offers a panoramic and eclectic vision on the electronic music and visual creation and it takes place in amazing LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre in Gijón (Asturias). LEV 2012 will be held on 27th and 28th April 2012 and spa.RK wil be represented through ARBOL and .TAPE.. ARBOL will be playing in the Auditorium with a whole band, presenting live for the first time his latest album "She read the wrong book" (sp22cd). .TAPE. will be part of the exhibition "Visualizing Sound", an exploration of the synthesis between image and sound and its evolution in contemporary art. Other names involved in LEV 2012 will be Various Production -that will be presenting their forthcoming album-, Prefuse 73, Kuedo, Holy Other, Asntam, Old Apparatus, Patten and Fasenuova.
LEV 2012 | Arbol album

spa.RK @ Record Store Day Barcelona

First edition in Barcelona of the worldwide event Record Store Day. For the occasion, a lot of Barcelona labels - from spa.RK, Discotinu, Foehn on the electronica side till all the indie labels in the city such as Snap Snap Club, Astrohúngaro, B-Core, La Gàbia, Galleta, Canada, Bankrobbe, Producciones Doradas and many more - in an event that will take place in all the independent record stores of the city: B-Core, Paradiso, Luchador, Wah Wah, Surco… Dj sessions, beers, live, special and limited releases, a download compilation of all the labels… spa.RK will be having a showcase in Paradiso featuring BRUNA dj, BRADIEN djs and special price for all the records. April 21st, smells to music spring in Barcelona.
RSD Barcelona

WOOKY live @ Semana de Música Avanzada, Guatemala

WOOKY will be playing in may in Semana de Música Avanzada, a festival in Guatemala (that's it, in America!), an event that takes place in Centro Cultural de España. Just the second edition of a festival that gathers art and music and mainly focuses on promote electronica music in that country. Wooky will be playing some of his new tracks (and as seen in his last concert in Barcelona, his new album on spa.RK is really promising). Dates: May 2, 3 , 4 and 5.
SMA | Wooky

BRADIEN live @ Miscelänea, SideWalks Series

New series of Sidewalk concerts in Barcelona: on April 11th, BRADIEN will be joining the US Ensemble Economique at Miscelänea. Ensembla Economique is the project Californian Brian Pyle, a real eminence in American avant-garde, who has released on labels such as Not Not Fun and Dekorder. Bradien will be opening the evening, doing a small pause in the recording of their new album, the collaborative effort with well-know Barcelona poet, Eduard Escoffet. Not to be missed!
Miscelänea| Bradien

WOOKY & ARBOL, new spa.RK artists

It is a big joy to announce the incorporation of two new names to the list of artists to the spa.RK family. On one hand, ARBOL that already had collaborated in spa.RK remixing .TAPE. and releasing "Bu san", the joint venture with FIBLA. The Sevilla born artist needs little presentation: in his curriculum appear Mr. Chinarro and Piano Magic. He has released three albums in Lejos Discos and in his own label, Emilii Records, and his new release will be out in spa.RK at the end of 2011. WOOKY also arrives to spa.RK by the fast road. In Barcelona he launched his own label Lapsus where he released his first ep "The Ark". bRUNA remixed his music for a nice picture disc and we only expect the best of his new music, ready to be released at the beginning of 2012.

spa.RK @ Caudorella 2012

New edition of Cau d'Orella, a platform for labels, artists, clubs, record stores and festivals, an effort to bring together all the agents of the electronica local scene and to project all the energy of the scene to new audiences and general public. An exchange of ideas that takes place in Barcelona and consists of panels, lectures, workshops, gigs and a record and festival fair. spa.RK will also be taking part in this new edition of Cau d'Orella: bRUNA (as a DJ) will be playing in Nitsa Club in Apolo in a night that also includes Pina or Black Nock, and WOOKY will be playing in cozy Antic Teatre, a a more arty venue that will be also hosting D. Forma, Lucius Works Here and El Platillo Volador. Take the pulse of the Barcelona electronica scene on 29, 30 and 31 March.
Cau d'Orella | bRUNA dj set (Mira!) | Wooky

bRUNA dj @ ECO Madrid

From March 16 to 18 ECO Festival presents a wide range of presentations, conferences, performances and dj sets in the amazing surrounding of Matadero Madrid. With the aim to become a meeting point for artists, fans and all those involved in the electronic music scene and avantgarde pop, ECO offers a space for creating sound, dance and knowledge. Red Bull Music Academy will be hosting the RBMA Lounge during the whole festival and bRUNA will be djing the second evening of the event (17h, March 17th). Other names involved in the festival are Andy Stott, Mark Fell, oOoOO, Pyrenees, Old Apparatus and showcases with Type and 100& Silk labels.
Eco | bRUNA dj set (Mira!)

.TAPE. live Trendelenburg 2.3

Trendelenburg is a live platform focused in spreading postdigital audiovisual creations. .TAPE. will be playing in this interesting festival based in Gijón, Asturias, in the Aquarium, between the fishes and with the visual support of Fernando Gutiérrez, a visual artist who recently exhibited his latest creations in Arco Art Fair. Other artists playing in this festival are Barcelonian Pina, Moduleight or Mia Makela & Zhara Mani. Save the date: 1, 2 and 3 March.
Trendeleburg 2.3 | .tape.

Raw Cinema Club @ Casyc_up

Curated by LUAP, Raw Cinema Club is a new series of concerts featuring electronica artists working with visual experimental artists to be held in new and impresive cultural and arts centre, Casyc_Up in Santander. Live cinema in its more contemporay meaning. In this first edition, almost all spa.RK family will be playing there. Opening the season, MEEGL (the solo act of Miguel from EEDL) will be playing his electro oriented sounds with the contribution of MP19 (22/10). LUAP & The Bellychords will be traslating to live act his album "Dobra" (12/11). .TAPE. will be playing there with the visuals of Doppelgänger in a gig that also includes a special dj set but spa.RK capo FIBLA (17/12). Amazing new iniciative that we hope to see repeated next year!
Raw Cinema Club

.TAPE. totebag

For fans of .TAPE.! Don't miss this nice totebag he made for the Spanish tour and now you can get through paypal. White organic cotton totebag, with a wild lamb jumping around, a design by Fernando Gutiérrez and manufactured by Patri in Asturias. Get yours now! 7 euros including post for Spain, 10 euros for Europe and 16 for the rest of the world!
buy totebag

bRUNA, .TAPE. & FIBLA remixing Úrsula

It seems like yesterday, but it's been ten years since David Cordero aka Úrsula presented "La banda sonora de mi funeral". Ten years later, Ursula has released several albums, eps and singles and the band have grown to be sometimes a one-man project or a band that involves other friends and artists. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, Cordero has gathered some of this friends and contributors to make a personal twist to his tracks in an album entitled "10 años por amigos". spa.RK contributes with bRUNA, FIBLA and .TAPE. remixing or covering three of their favorite tracks of Úrsula discography. The CD is already available in Foehn Records and you can stream the whole album in bandcamp.
Foehn Records
| Úrsula

.TAPE. Spanish tour with Ryan Francesconi

Ryan Francesconi - the man behind Joanna Newsom and a very fine experimental-folk guitarrist releasing in labels such as Plop and Rowing At Sea - is touring around Europe. He'll stop in Spain for a minitour with .TAPE. who will be opening all his gigs. Tour begins on Castellón December 1st and ends in Barcelona in nice Heliogabal venue on December 7th. Here you have all the dates and be sure not to miss the gig if it goes near your place. Castellón (01/12), Madrid (02/12), Bueu, Pontevedra (03/12), Avilés (04/12), Zaragoza (05/12), Antzoikia (06/12) and Barcelona (07/12).
Ryan Francesconi
| .tape.

LUAP "Arredondo" clip

Check this nice and microscopic image based clip that Nanodoce made for "Arredondo" track from "Dobra", LUAP's album. Based on an idea from MP19 and almost with a handmade flavour, we really love the track and the pace of the images that capture perfectly the organic vibe of LUAP's track adding a twist of sci-fi details. The atmosphere is dark and the images really intriguing, but the track adds a sunny and melancholic side to the whole. Really enjoyable!
Arredondo clip

bRUNA & AER featured in Absolut Network

"Connecting visionaries" is a series of programs produced by Absolut Network and directed by featuring new and vanguardist Spanish artists. In this program AER Studio present their work in their lab and meet bRUNA to talk about the experience they shared in traslating his music to live visuals and the application for his lights on stage. Also Carles gives some hint about his forthcomming album, due to be released late this year.
Absolut Network |
AER Studio

bRUNA at Mira! Fest

It's a great new to salute a new Barcelona festival devoted to electronic music, visuals and art! Mira! will be held on November 5th in a fantastic new venue Fabra i Coats, an old textile factory now used as a cultural and arts centre (Red Bull Music Academy took place there a couple of years ago). An all day non-stop festival with excellent classic names as Plaid and Kettel will be the main acts of the festival that also has room for growing local names such as bRUNA that will be dijing that night. More names of the festival: Downliners Sekt, Cauto, Aster or Pina. See you there!

.TAPE. contribution to "Totokoko March" and remix for Bed

Japanese music and art netlabel Totokoko label just released as its 18th reference the compilation "Totokoko March" that includes two new and exclusive tracks by Daniel Romero aka .TAPE. One of them is released under his moniker and the other one - an this is new for all of us! - under his real name. A free download compilation that also includes nice J-pop tunes, small and tiny folktronic numbers and other delicatesens. Also .TAPE. remixed for the same label a track by Bed featured as bonus track in his latest release, "Ame To Wonder", that you can download for free in the website.
Totokoko | .tape. remix | .tape.

BRADIEN featured in The Guardian vs Sonar compilation

As part of our their online city guides, The Guardian asked Enric Palau and Ricard Robles, directors of the Sónar festival, pick their top tunes for Barcelona and they chosed one nice demo track by BRADIEN featuring Escoffet and his spoken poetry. What do they say about them? "In Bradien's music there are influences from South America, chamber pop, jazz, musique concrète and exotic jazz, as well as – and above all – a close relationship with spa.RK (one of Barcelona's oldest and most prestigious labels), and fantastic shows with Escoffet, poet and one of the city's cultural activists. Very special." Nice!! Other names in the compilation are cult artist Pau Riba, strong contemporary acts as Cabo San Roque and Downliner Sekt, and Barcelona dance hypes John Talabot and Delorean.
The Guardian music guide







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